I, Citizen

The “I, Citizen Project”

CivicLab was a co-creator of this work. The exhibit and activity take place at the Glass Curtain Gallery at Columbia College.

I, Citizen – The Activist Game MAKERS Workshop from Helen Slade on Vimeo.

The Activist Board Game

The Museum of Contemporary Phenomena invites YOU, MAKERS, to invent a game with tools for democratic participation and strategies to transform the civic realm… the goal of I, Citizen is to empower YOU, PLAYERS to change the course of history, solve a problem in the public realm, or at least make the world a little nicer.

Who Are YOU?

1. Choose a role: MAKER, PLAYER, or WATCHER

2. REGISTER: Provide your name, email address, and role choice.

3. Within 48 hours you will receive a confirmation email with your first assignment.

4. The game begins when you are ready to act.

I, Citizen  I,Citizen install

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