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(1) For Our Future Instructors: We offer classes on all things civic! How would YOU like to teach one? If you would, please fill out the form below. Please tell us what you’d like to teach and any experience you have with this subject. Thanks!

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(2) For Our Current Instructors: Are you already one of our brilliant instructors? We are excited to host your event! Please lend us a hand in marketing your awesome workshop—remember, we are all volunteers at the CivicLab. Here are some helpful tips/marketing strategies that will promote your future event: Free:

  1. Share your event on Facebook. You can crib text and images from our listing of your workshop which you will find on Eventbrite.
  2. Create an event on Facebook so that you can send invites to all of your friends (If you decide to create a Facebook page, please “Friend” Thomas Tresser and make him a co-host).
  3. Advertise your workshop on Craigslist Chicago ( .
  4. Go to and register then create an event for your workshop
  5. Create a page on Couch Surfing Chicago ( – you’ll need to register as a member first.
  6. Create a Twitter account (if you don’t already have one) and find like-minded individuals/organizations to “tweet” at and link them to your event page—this way they will be in direct contact with you and your event!  You can even attach a relevant image.
  7. Make a flier and drop them off at the CivicLab—we have a lot of interesting people that swing by our site daily!


  1. Visit PR Web (, create a profile, and promote your event
  2. If you’re an activist fighting for your cause, we recommend that you become a member of the Illinois Coalition for Justice, Peace, & the Environment (

Creative Methods For Grassroots Marketing:

  1. Look up organizations in Chicago that deal with your topic and email their staff or call them and ask to promote or send a notice to their members/constituents.
  2. Call the local media – including your neighborhood newspaper and tell them about your class.

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