“Managing Stress” Workshop @ The Lab

Don’t wait to manage the work/life balance until something goes wrong. Can we really find the right work/life balance? Yes, you can! Boost your positive emotions by practicing skills such as gratitude, savoring, mindfulness, and designing your ideal day. Get to know your strengths and values, and structure your life in a way that optimizes your sense of accomplishment and meaning. And lastly, learn how to spend your hard-earned money in a way that maximizes your well-being.

Making deliberate choices will help us maintain a healthy mind. There is a tremendous amount of stress created when we attempt to balance work life with home life. Let’s face it, we can’t always escape the pressures of life, but we can develop strategies and techniques to maximize our potential. The main goal is to not ignore the work/life balance until something goes wrong.

The price of the workshop is $10. The Short URL for this event = http://reducingstress-5-8-14.eventbrite.com.