Join Us For CivicHack Work Session

Join us on Thursday, October 11 at the Multikulti Space from 6:30-830pm for our next civic hack work session.
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We are working on three projects:

(1) Apps for Activists – Tools to solve persistent problems of organizing and community improvement efforts. First up on the lab workbench – “Sign Me Up/I’m Here!” tool to let attendees at rallies and public meetings connect with the organizers of the event. NEEDS: coders, web designers, knowledge of SMS messaging.
(2) Activist Speed Networking Night – Social change agents need some help hooking up with resources and allies – so let’s cook up a great evening of meeting, networking and music where people involved in community organizing and issue work can meet people and solve problems. NEEDS: people with special event production experience, graphic designers, commercial printing.
(3) The Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Report – You probably know that TIF’s sucked up $510 MILLION in Chicago property taxes in 2010. But you probably don’t know WHERE that money went and who got helped and who got hurt. Let’s find out. Calling all data hounds, civic coders, map makers, forensic accountants, fiscal policy wonks, good government geeks and neighborhood advocates – let’s pick one ward for a deep dive and really tell the whole TIF story for that community. More about TIFs here. NEEDS: graphic designers, researchers.
WHERE: Multikulti Space, 1000 N. Milwaukee, 4th Floor.
WHEN: Thursday, October 11, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
MORE INFO: [email protected], 312-804-3230