Learn how to investigate elected officials!

Workshop On Investigating Elected Officials

Hey, they investigate us, why not return the favor?


Come to the CivicLab on Tuesday, February 18 for the workshop, “How to Research Elected Officials: The Good, The Bad and The Clearly Corrupt.”

This class is a 90-minute introduction to researching one or more elected officials or political candidates.  Participants will learn:

  • how to organize their research projects
  • where and when to start
  • public records available online
  • how to search newspaper archives
  • URLs for the best sources
  • finding real live people who know what’s what
  • benefits of getting off your duff and looking for yourself
  • how to use what you find
$20. Please register @https://research-elected-officials-2-18.eventbrite.com. We’re at 114 N. Aberdeen Street in the West Loop. The workshop goes from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.
About the instructor: Thomas J. Gradel is a writer, author and researcher and now retired political media consultant. Tom Gradel has worked in Chicago for more than 40 years for politicians, government officials, labor unions and non-governmental organizations.  For 35 of those years Tom was a part-time researcher and media advisor to Dick Simpson, a former Chicago Alderman, political science professor and book author. View those reports here.