Aldermen Attend 33rd Ward Illumination, Sign Check!

SRO-Aug_8It was a packed house at the 33rd Ward TIF Illumination on August 8, 2013! Over 120 people filled the community room at the Christ Lutheran Church in Albany Park to learn the details of the four TIFs in their ward. Aldermen Deb Mell and Ray Colon attended the full meeting and heard from parents and school children on the devastating impacts of the recently announced school cuts on their lives. They Aldermen were asked to pledge to take the $1.7 billion from the TIF accounts and send that money to the units of government that should’ve received those funds in the first place. They did so. Then they were asked to sign a giant check for $850,000,000 – the public’s share of that money. They did so!

The meeting was organized by The Albany Park Neighborhood Council.

Review the presentation by Tom Tresser here.


Add your voice to the demand that the Mayor empty the TIF accounts and put that money to work for the people by signing this petition.