Update From Nonprofit Software Dev Summit

It’s day one for the gathering of coders, hackers, activists and technologists here in Oakland all focused on civic engagement and social justice sponsored by Aspiration Tec Here is the agenda and session notes. Some 125 people are discussing and sharing news around how technology can boost progressive social change. I am one of the older attendees here and it’s a kick to talk to the younger coders and activists a bout their take on the Internet and how social media and other online tools can bring people together for smart civic engagement and self-determination. I’m talking up the CivicLab, Apps For Activists and  and on Friday morning I’ll do a demo of the TIF Report – which I’ve started calling the TIF Illumination Project. The entire event is facilitated by the super-energetic and passionate director of Aspiration Tech, Allen Gunn, or Gunner, who demands we turn off all our electronic devices and FULLY engage and connect with one another.